Boards care

Please follow the simple instructions below to get most of your investment and enjoy this beautiful cutting board for many years.

1. Wash with hot water and a sponge
2. Let it dry on its edge for 3-5 hours
3. Apply one ounce of food-safe mineral oil using a clean rag on both sides and edges
4. 20 minutes later, wipe off every trace of oil.

 – Avoid keeping the board near the sources of heat like microwave
 – Avoid leaving the board wet or, even more so, soaking it in the water for longer than needed for cleaning. Doing so will cause the board to crack, twist, warp or bow.
 – Avoid putting hot teapots, pans or other kitchenware on the board. Placing steaks and other cooked meat is totally fine.
 – Avoid using olive or vegetable oil as it will give a bitter taste to the food very soon.
 – Avoid placing the board in the microwave or a dishwasher.