Current project

Currently, we are working on a project of Dragon breaking out from the cutting board. This is a fun theme to work, however the project is going to be very hard as we will be using 6 different kinds of wood. Follow us on Instagram to see how the project progresses. 

The Sleeping Lord Shiva

It gives us a pleasure and satisfaction to work on beautiful projects. The Sleeping Lord Shiva is one of them. As Indians all over the world celebrate beautiful Maha Shivratri holiday, this board is made as a gift for an Indian friend, who owns a restaurant.

The board is a walnut and has 3 inlays:1. Maple, 2. Cherry - around the third eye of the Lord and 3. Padauk - the cobra's eye and the third eye of Shiva, that never sleeps.

Happy Maha Shvratri!

The Capital Wedding Show Logo project

The biggest wedding show in Ottawa is now enjoying not only the Logo Cutting board, but also the process of its making that they repost and share with their followers.

The board is a Maple and has 2 inlays: 1. Maple, 2. Padauk. The size of the board is 2*11*18 ''.

The Hattori Hanzo cutting board project

Hattori Hanzo is probably the most famous samurai up until now. We simply could not resist having him in our collection that we offer.

The cutting board is made in maple, the inlay is walnut. Size 2x12x18.